Technical articles about the Genode OS Framework

An in-depth look into the ARM virtualization extensions

The article explores the mechanisms of the ARM virtualization extensions and describes how Genode's custom base-hw kernel was turned into a microhypervisor.

Genode on seL4 part 1 - Building a simple root task from scratch

The article covers the first steps of enabling Genode to run on seL4. It describes the integration of the kernel code with Genode's source tree and the steps taken to create a minimalistic root task that runs on the kernel. It is full of hands-on information about the methodology of such a porting effort and describes the experience with using the kernel from the perspective of someone with no prior association with the seL4 project.

Genode on seL4 part 2 - IPC and virtual memory

The second part of the article series examines the seL4 kernel interface with respect to synchronous inter-process communication and the management of virtual memory.

An Exploration of ARM TrustZone Technology

The article summarizes our experience with investigating ARM TrustZone and building prototypes using this technology. It is supplemented by a video demonstrating TrustZone on an i.MX53 SABRE tablet.

How Genode came to the Pandaboard

The experience report gives insights into the steps taken to enable and optimize the Genode OS Framework on the OMAP4-based Pandaboard.

Bringing Genode to the OKL4 kernel

This article describes the process of porting the Genode OS Framework to the OKL4 kernel version 2.1.