Live-CD images

The best way to get a first impression of Genode is by downloading and running one of our bootable live CDs.

Latest release

At a quarterly release cycle, a new official version of the framework gets published. Download an archive of the latest version.

Source-code repository

In-between the official releases, our source-code repository is best place to get most current version.

Release archive

Previous releases are archived accompanied with a short version of the respective release notes. The release archive gives you quick an overview over past progress of the project.

Tool chain

The framework relies on a custom-built tool chain. The tool chain comes in the form of pre-compiled binaries. Alternatively, there is a tool to build the tools from source.

Depending on your chosen download variant you will find the sources in genode/trunk (subversion) or genode-<version>/ (extracted file release). First, have a look into the README file, which describes Genode's directory layout and gives one important hint: For an introduction consider reading doc/getting_started.txt. You can also read this howto online.

Learn more about Genode from our developer resources.