Latest Release

The source-code of the Genode OS Framework is available at the Sourceforge

download page.

Release notes summary for the version 14.02

  • VirtualBox running on the NOVA microhypervisor

  • Base framework

    • Improved stack management

  • Storage

    • NetBSD file systems ported via rump kernels

    • Revised block-driver framework

    • New block cache

    • New FUSE-based NTFS-3g support

    • Ported e2fsprogs to the Noux runtime

  • Low-level OS infrastructure

    • New pseudo file system as tracing front end

    • Unified interfaces for graphics

    • New status-reporting mechanism

    • Nitpicker support for dynamic screen resizing

  • Libraries and applications

    • Extended Noux runtime with POSIX signals

    • Dynamic ROM service

  • Platforms

    • Basic support ODROID XU

Read the complete release notes for the version 14.02 in the documentation section...