Genode on the Fiasco.OC microkernel

Fiasco.OC is a microkernel developed by the OS group of the TU-Dresden. It's an object-oriented capability-based system for x86, ARM and PowerPC platforms.

This document provides brief instructions about downloading, building and booting the Fiasco.OC version of Genode.


You need certain tools to use the Fiasco.OC build system. On Debian/Ubuntu systems you have to install the following packages:

 apt-get install make gawk pkg-config subversion patch

Moreover, you need to download and install the tool-chain used by Genode. Have a look at this page:

If you want to use the so called run-scripts in Genode, a mechanism that automates building, integration and testing of components, you have to install the following, additional package:

 apt-get install expect

Building the Fiasco.OC version of Genode

The current version of Genode is available at the public subversion repository:

Information about accessing the Genode public subversion repository

After you've fetched the Genode source tree from the subversion repository, or downloaded the latest release tar archive, you need the Fiasco.OC source code, its kernel-bindings, additional bootstrap tools etc. To simplify that step, you can use the prepare_port tool:

 ./tool/ports/prepare_port foc

This will install all necessary third-party source code in the contrib folder.

For the vesa driver on x86 the x86emu library is required and can be downloaded and prepared by invoking the following command:

 ./tool/ports/prepare_port x86emu

Now, go to a directory where you want the Genode/Fiasco.OC build directory to remain. Use the helper script in the tool directory of the Genode source tree to create the initial build environment. You need to state the build directory you want to create, and the hardware architecture to run Fiasco.OC/Genode on. Choose foc_x86_32, foc_x86_64, or foc_pbxa9 depending on whether you want to build for the 32-bit or 64-bit X86 architecture, or for ARMs Cortex-A9.

 <genode-dir>/tool/create_builddir foc_x86_32 \

Now, go to the newly created build directory and type make:

 cd <build-dir>

This will build the Fiasco.OC kernel, its bootstrap code, and every Genode component, that runs on top of Fiasco.OC.

If you just want to give Genode/Fiasco.OC a try, you can call e.g.: the demo run-script instead of building everything:

 cd <build-dir>
 make run/demo

Running L4Linux on top of Genode

To get the L4Linux running on top of Genode, you have to change prepare its sources:

 ./tool/ports/prepare_port l4linux

This will fetch the currently supported version from the L4Linux subversion repository, and apply a patch to it, that is needed to execute it on top of Genode.

Before compiling L4Linux for Genode/Fiasco.OC you have to integrate the ports-foc repository into your build environment. Therefore edit the etc/build.conf file in your build directory, and uncomment the following line:

 REPOSITORIES += $(GENODE_DIR)/repos/ports-foc

After that you can build and run L4Linux by issuing:

 make run/l4linux

in your build directory. This run-script boots a single L4Linux instance into a minimal console environment. After booting completes, the run-scripts tries to download the Genode project webpage via the wget tool within the L4Linux environment. If all wents fine the run-script completes successfully.

Further Information

Official website for the Fiasco.OC microkernel.