Sculpt OS release 23.04 Apr 28, 2023

Sculpt OS 23.04 marks the first-time PinePhone support in addition to the PC version. With this release, the system supports live upgrades of the boot image, rendering Sculpt updates and the switching between versions a matter of some easy steps. The new preset feature brings entire application scenarios to your screen after just one click/tap.

With the fresh release 23.04, the Sculpt operating system boards the PinePhone to explore the mobile world and, thereby, adds a second platform to its year-long support for Intel PCs. In preparation, we added two key features to Genode during the past months, which are the phone-oriented Sculpt user-interface variant and the system-update functionality. Now, Sculpt versions can be switched by three easy steps directly in the integrated user interface: downloading system images to the software depot, install the desired version on the boot medium, and reboot the device.

Further, the release supports so-called presets in the system menu UI, which are entire runtime scenarios. The user can load and switch between presets by just one click. Presets currently available in Sculpt are a simple GUI demo (nano3d), a simple desktop including background picture and window manager, and a ready to use Falkon web browser. Still, components can be integrated into the system (or the currently running preset) by the + menu of the component graph.

Sculpt OS 23.04 for PC and PinePhone is available as ready-to-use system image at the Sculpt download page accompanied with updated documentation.