We understand the complexity of code and policy as the most fundamental security problem shared by modern general-purpose operating systems. Because of high functional demands and dynamic workloads, however, this complexity cannot be avoided. But it can be organized. Genode is a novel OS architecture that is able to master complexity by applying a strict organizational structure to all software components including device drivers, system services, and applications. The Genode OS framework is an open-source tool kit for building highly secure component-based operating systems. It scales from embedded devices to dynamic general-purpose computing.


capability-based security, microkernel, principle of least authority, sandboxing, virtualization

The Book

The book "Genode Foundations" describes the Genode OS framework in a holistic and comprehensive way. It equips the reader with a thorough understanding of the architecture, assists developers with the explanation of the development environment and system configuration, and provides a look under the hood of the framework. Furthermore, it contains the specification of the framework's programming interface. Download as PDF or Browse online...

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News Item Genode OS Framework release 19.08 Aug 28, 2019
Genode 19.08 puts emphasis on practical concerns ranging from keyboard layouts, over system-time management, to remote system administration. It also continues our commitment to the 64-bit ARM i.MX8 SoC, comes with Qt5 version 5.13, and improves POSIX compatibility.
News Item Sculpt OS release 19.07 Jul 09, 2019
Version 19.07 of the Sculpt operating system improves overall performance and introduces copy and paste between terminals, virtual machines, and graphical applications.
News Item Genode OS Framework release 19.05 May 29, 2019
The highlights of version 19.05 are a new kernel-agnostic virtualization interface, initial support for the 64-bit ARM architecture, the use of C++17 by default, a new tool chain based on GCC 8.3, updated C and SPARK runtimes, and the consolidation of build directories across boards.
News Item Sculpt as a Community Experience Mar 19, 2019
The fourth stage of Sculpt OS introduces a new federated software provisioning model while giving the user full control over the component deployment via a novel graphical user interface.
News Item Mar 08, 2019 is the new place to be for getting the latest news and stories around Genode. It is a federated blog by and for developers and users alike.
News Item Genode OS Framework release 19.02 Feb 28, 2019
Version 19.02 enhances Sculpt OS with a federated software provisioning model, showcases the use of Java for an IoT network appliance and the creation of a component-based web service, improves the runtime support for Ada and SPARK, and adds board support for i.MX6 Quad Sabrelite and Nitrogen6 SoloX.