A Genode/NOVA-based desktop used for day-to-day computing at Genode Labs. VirtualBox runs Xubuntu, which is currently executing Genode's build system and Firefox. The command-line interface at the top left allows the user to manage Genode subsystems. At the bottom left, a noux instance acts as the bridge between the Linux guest OS and the Genode world. Under the surface, there are over 40 low-level components such as device drivers working together. Each of them is encapsulated in a dedicated sandbox.

VirtualBox running besides the Seoul VMM (virtual machine monitor) on top of Genode/NOVA. Seoul executes Tinycore Linux as guest OS. VirtualBox executes MS Windows 7. Both VMMs are utilizing hardware virtualization (VT-X) but are plain user-level programs with no special privileges.

Qt version 5.1 running natively on Genode 13.08.

The Webkit-based Arora webbrowser running alongside an application using Gallium3D, which was introduced with release 10.08.

The demonstration scenario provided with the official Genode distribution shows off Genode's ability to create and destroy arbitrarily shaped process trees, which can include multiple instances of services in a nested fashion. The screenshot shows an isolated instance of the GUI server running in a window of another GUI-server instance. The whole demo scenario including the graphical user interface has a source-code complexity of less than 20,000 lines of code. With Genode, graphically rich applications and a low-complexity trusted computing base are no contradiction.