Sculpt OS version 21.03

(published in March 2021)

Sculpt is an open-source general-purpose OS. It combines Genode's microkernel architecture, capability-based security, sandboxed device drivers, and virtual machines in a novel operating system for commodity PC hardware. Sculpt is used as day-to-day OS by the Genode developers.

The administrative user interface ("Leitzentrale"): The panel at the top gives access to the live components view (shown), a file browser, and network connectivity. The interactive graph in the center presents the system components with their relationships and allows the user to interactively add/remove components offered by federated software providers.


Sculpt 21.03 documentation (printable version)

Download disk image

sculpt-21-03b.img (27 MiB) (signature)

SHA256 75485dc37e097f64136abd6560d1cc0cde87cb37ce6d4bb71afe60b84dd57e5e

Summary of the changes since the previous version

What's new in Sculpt OS 21.03?

Preparing a bootable USB stick on Unix

On Unix-based systems, use the dd command to copy the disk image to a USB stick:

 sudo dd if=sculpt-21-03b.img of=/dev/sdx bs=1M conv=fsync

Here, /dev/sdx refers to the device node of your USB stick. To determine it, you may inspect the output of dmesg after plugging it in.

Preparing a bootable USB stick on MS Windows

Option 1: Rufus
  1. Download and run Rufus (alternative portable executable available)

  2. Plug in your USB thumb drive and select it under "Device"

  3. Download the Sculpt OS image linked above and select it under "Boot selection"

  4. Write to the USB drive by clicking "START"

Option 2: Win32 Disk Imager
  1. Download, install, and run Win32 Disk Imager

  2. Download the Sculpt OS image linked above and select under "Image file"

  3. Plug in your USB thumb drive and select it under "Device"

  4. Write to the USB drive by clicking "Write"

Running Sculpt as VirtualBox appliance

  1. Download the sculpt-21-03b.ova (signature) appliance that contains the Sculpt 21.03 image along with a known-to-work VirtualBox configuration.

    SHA256 609046fb1c23ee4ea15e618168d21c83479caed5a64ccc879b73558207a50087

  2. Start VirtualBox and import the OVA file as appliance.

  3. After boot, you will be presented with two disks, the boot disk and an empty disk as playground. You may format the latter using Sculpt's user interface.

Running Sculpt 21.03 in Qemu

You may take the following command line as starting point for experimenting with Sculpt 21.03 on the Qemu emulator.

 qemu-system-x86_64 -display sdl -cpu core2duo -machine q35 \
                    -m 1024 -drive format=raw,file=sculpt-21-03b.img

Previous versions

All previous releases are available at the dedicated Sculpt OS archive page.