Sculpt OS release 22.10 Oct 13, 2022

Sculpt OS 22.10 is a maintenance release of our Genode-based general-purpose OS. It imposes a new rigid regime to the management of low-level devices, improves USB hotplug support, and comes with numerous performance optimizations.

The just released version 22.10 of the Sculpt operating system bears the fruit of our year-long effort to apply the rigidity of Genode's architecture to the management of PCI configuration and device interrupts. This sweeping change left no single device driver unturned. If we did our job right, you should not notice any visible difference from the previous Sculpt version.

However, you should definitely feel a difference when using the new version. We put several performance optimizations in place - from accelerated system startup, over increased network thoughput, to improved user-interface responsiveness. Moreover, we put much emphasis on stressing Sculpt's USB hotplug support, which includes the dynamic assignment and revocation of USB devices to and from virtual machines.

With respect to available software, Sculpt users can enjoy an updated Chromium engine - via the Falkon or Morph web browsers - and an updated audio driver based on OpenBSD 7.1.

Sculpt OS 22.10 is available as ready-to-use system image at the Sculpt download page along with updated documentation.