Genode OS Framework release 18.11 Nov 29, 2018

Genode 18.11 is focused on improving quality assurance on various fronts, including static code analysis, on-target test orchestration, and code-coverage measurements. Furthermore, it introduces support for Mirage-OS unikernels, a new health-monitoring mechanism, a Genode SDK, an SSH server, and a new window layouter.

On our road map for 2018, we identified software quality and resilience as one of the major topics for this year. With the current release, we fulfil this promise on various levels, ranging from static code analysis, over the gathering of test-coverage metrics, a new Genode-based test-automation framework, over to the health monitoring of components at runtime.

The second theme of the current release is the use of Genode for network appliances and server applications. On that account, the new ability of hosting Mirage-OS unikernels directly on top of Genode as well as a new SSH server component clear the way to entirely new application areas.

Further highlights of the current release are the enhanced flexibility of the GUI stack of Sculpt OS, the increased network performance on Xilinx Zynq, the initial version of a Genode SDK, performance improvements of the base-hw kernel on NXP i.MX platforms, and the updated language support for Ada and Java.

These and many more topics of the new version are covered by the release documentation of version 18.11...