Road Map for 2017 Jan 17, 2017

The year 2017 will be overall focused on stressing the scalability and stability of the framework.

After wrapping up the revision of Genode's architectural underpinnings and its API in 2016, it is time to push the scalability of the framework further. Over the course of 2017, we plan to greatly ease the creation of Genode systems out of packages, enable automated system updates, move our regular work flows from GNU/Linux to the Genode world, and extend the application scope of Genode systems to cloud-based appliances.

The new road map is available at the road-map page.

Genode at FOSDEM 2017 Jan 11, 2017

The microkernel developer room at this year's FOSDEM will host four Genode-related talks, ranging from our custom kernel, over kernel-independent binaries, execution replay, to Genode's VFS infrastructure.

To us, the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM in Brussels has become the most anticipated joint event of the open-source microkernel world. The developer room is part of FOSDEM, which is the world's largest event of the Free-Software and Open-Source community. The upcoming FOSDEM will be held on 4th - 5th of February in Brussels:

FOSDEM 2017:

Originally initiated by our friends of the HelenOS project, the micro-kernel developer room is shepherded by a different project each year. In 2017, it's our turn to host the event. The developer room is open for all open-source projects that are related to microkernels or component-based operating systems. It features a mix of project introductions, experience stories, progress reports, discussions, and demos. This year, the following Genode-related topics will be presented:

Saturday 10:45 A kernel in a library Genode's custom kernel approach Microkernel devroom (AW1.125) abstract...

Saturday 12:45 Deterministic replay support for Genode components Microkernel devroom (AW1.125) abstract...

Saturday 14:24 Introducing kernel-agnostic Genode executables Microkernel devroom (AW1.125) abstract...

Saturday 17:10 The VFS paradigm from the perspective of a component OS Microkernel devroom (AW1.125) abstract...

The complete schedule of the developer room is available at