Genode OS Framework release 24.02 Feb 29, 2024

Version 24.02 revisits Genode's audio support for latency-sensitive scenarios, flexible sample rates, and pluggable drivers. It also introduces the new ability of the Goa SDK to use Sculpt OS as remote test target, comes with a new TCP/IP stack based on Linux 6.1.20, makes drivers aware of suspend/resume, and improves HID event handling.

Genode 24.02 kicks off the year with a profound redesign of the framework's audio infrastructure, addressing the routing and mixing of multi-channel audio streams at flexible sample rates, the dynamic starting and removal of audio sources and sinks, and latency optimization.

Besides audio, the second infrastructural rework is a new TCP/IP stack based on DDE-Linux 6.1.20. It wraps up our long-year transition from a fairly fragmented landscape of ported driver code to the consistent use of our modern Linux device-driver environment across all Linux-based drivers and protocol stacks.

The feature highlight of the release is the new ability of using Sculpt OS as a remote test target for the Goa SDK during application development. Thanks to this new feature, Genode applications can be developed and tested in a quick and uniform way, whether testing directly on a Linux-based development environment, or on a Sculpt PC reachable via a local network, or a PinePhone connected to the same wireless access point.

Further highlights of the release are the versatile handling of human-interface devices including the calibration of motion events, the use of Vivante GPUs by multiple clients, and the driver-related preparatory steps needed for implementing suspend/resume for Sculpt OS.

You can find the changes presented in full detail in the release documentation of version 24.02...