Genode OS Framework release 23.11 Nov 30, 2023

Genode 23.11 moves the IOMMU driver from the kernel to the user land, introduces CPU power/temperature/frequency monitoring and steering, comes with a new API for low-complexity GUI applications, and streamlines the framework's virtualization interface. It also improves developer ergonomics and showcases the port of the Linphone VoIP stack.

Version 23.11 of the Genode OS Framework introduces DMA protection as kernel-agnostic feature, parting with the tradition of driving I/O protection units from the kernel. This radical move is accompanied by a sweeping modernization of the framework's virtualization interface across kernels and instruction-set architectures. In other words, the release is dominated by deeply technical topics.

That said, it is not void of user-facing features either, as illustrated by the new port of the Linphone VoIP stack using the Goa tool, the extension of the Seoul virtual machine monitor to 64-bit guests, and the support for CPU power/temperature/frequency monitoring and steering on PC platforms. Furthermore, developers receive better tooling for the use and distribution of debug builds, and will observe a welcomed boost of their development-test cycles thanks to a largely streamlined build-system.

These and more topics are covered in full detail by the release documentation of version 23.11...