Genode OS Framework release 23.08 Aug 24, 2023

The main theme of the current release is tooling for developing, debugging, porting, and publishing Genode components. Beyond that, the release improves driver support and the internals of core and the base-framework.

The headline features of this release introduce a new multi-component debug monitor and extend the Goa tool with support for working with multiple projects.

The new debug monitor reapproaches Genode's GDB debugging support and sets smooth on-target debugging in Sculpt OS as its final goal. The monitor can transparently replace the Init component and is equipped with support for multi-component debugging by GDB inferiors. The Goa tool evolves into an all-encompassing alternative to Genode's traditional work flows for developing, porting, and publishing applications. With this release, runtime testing with Goa gets extremely flexible and handling of multiple Goa projects becomes a no brainer.

Beside the tooling topics, we round out the release with a new PC NIC driver based on Linux, new RaspberryPi/i.MX6 USB host-controller drivers, hardware-button and screensaver support on the PinePhone, improved Intel GPU/display, WiFi, and audio drivers.

Find all details of changes and improvements in the release documentation of version 23.08...