Genode OS Framework release 23.05 May 31, 2023

Besides the annual documentation update, the scheduled tool-chain update, and the switch to C++20, the release puts the spotlight on the Goa tool, which enables the use of existing SDKs like Lomiri or Rust's cargo for targeting Genode.

By now, the dedication of Genode's May releases to housekeeping tasks has become a fine tradition, and this year is no different. With version 23.05, the framework consistently switches from the C++ standard C++17 to C++20, thanks to our new tool chain based on GCC 12.3, which will serve us for the next two years. Speaking of consistency, both Genode books "Foundations" and "Platforms" have been updated to the most recent version of the framework. You can find the PDFs at the front page.

Following the recent release of Sculpt OS 23.04 targeting both PC and mobile platforms, Genode 23.05 brings good news for application developers interested in targeting Genode and Sculpt OS in particular. The release introduces the ability to use existing SDKs, in particular the Lomiri UI toolkit as well as Rust's cargo for crafting Genode applications.

A prominent topic among the previous releases is our Linux device-driver environment (DDE), which allows for the use of Linux drivers as Genode components. The current release continues this line of work by upgrading DDE to Linux 6.1.20 and by using DDE as enabler of our cross-platform Wifi stack that works for the PC and ARM platforms like the PinePhone. This way, Genode users can benefit from the enormous efforts of the Linux kernel community targeting modern hardware.

Further highlights of the new version are the initial use of our custom base-hw microkernel as x86 hypervisor, a profoundly reworked block-encryption stack, and updates of supported 3rd-party software like the seL4 kernel and VirtualBox.

All changes are covered in detail by the official release documentation of version 23.05...