Genode OS Framework release 22.11 Nov 30, 2022

Genode 22.11 enables hardware-accelerated graphics on up-to-date Intel GEN12+ hardware, introduces work flows for hardware-software co-design, wraps up the framework's unified device-driver infrastructure across PC and ARM, and pushes forward the use of Genode on the PinePhone.

The Genode OS framework is both a dependable foundation for custom operating systems - like Sculpt OS - and at the same time a playground for new ideas. The just released version 22.11 pays tribute to both facets. On the one hand, it features the results of our year-long effort of unifying and simplifying the framework's device-driver infrastructure across all base platforms, which subjects the interaction of driver components with device hardware to an unprecedentedly rigid regime of least privilege. This makes Genode-based systems ever more dependable and clear.

The role of Genode as a playground for innovation is embodied by the combination of the framework with reconfigurable hardware. The release introduces new work flows for designing hardware IP cores and Genode components in tandem, which allows for low-complexity software-hardware co-designs that fit like a glove.

Feature-wise, the new version covers a vast area of topics. The enhancement of our Intel GPU multiplexer to current GEN12+ hardware stands out most. Further topics range from the emerging user interface for Genode on the PinePhone, over plenty of device-driver work, to virtualization improvements on ARM and PC hardware.

These and many more topics of the new version are covered by the official release documentation of version 22.11...