Genode OS Framework release 22.08 Aug 31, 2022

The overarching theme of Genode 22.08 is the emerging phone variant of Sculpt OS, touching topics as diverse as USB ECM, Mali-400 GPU, SD-card access, telephony, mobile-data connectivity, the Morph web browser, and a custom user interface. Among the further highlights are new tracing tools, improved network performance USB smart-card support, and VirtIO drivers for RISC-V.

The vision of a Genode-based smart phone is certainly our most ambitious undertaking since we created Sculpt OS for the PC. Over the past two years, we relentlessly pursued this vision while targeting the PinePhone hardware. The scope of work reaches from custom firmware for the system-control processor, over kernel development, a staggering variety of device drivers, to the user-interface and application level. With Genode 22.08, those efforts culminate in a first complete system - a phone variant of Sculpt OS. The release documentation tells the story behind this line of work in great detail.

Beside phone-related topics, the new release features new tooling for gathering and analyzing system traces that allow for holistic performance studies covering the interplay between components. One particular success story of the new trace recorder is a profoundly improved network performance. Further highlights are the support for USB smart cards via PKCS#11, VirtIO drivers for RISC-V, and the update of Qt5 to version 5.15.2.

For the complete picture, please enjoy the official release documentation of version 22.08...