Genode OS Framework release 10.08 Aug 11, 2010

With Gallium3D, MadWifi, and a new block-driver infrastructure, the release 10.08 takes Genode's device-driver support to the next level.

Wireless networking and hardware-accelerated graphics are commonly regarded as two of the most sophisticated domains when it comes to device-driver support in operating systems. We are proud to have taken the challenge to support these device classes in the Genode OS Framework. The just released version 10.08 comes with support for the Gallium3D software stack alongside the Intel graphics execution manager, which enables Genode applications to perform hardware-accelerated 3D graphics on Intel GMA platforms. Our port of the MadWifi wireless stack pushes the limits of what can be done with our Linux device-driver environment. Furthermore, we extended our device-driver-related activities to block devices, resulting in a new block-device interface and an ATAPI driver accompanied with an ISO 9660 file system. Apart from device drivers, there are numerous other improvements such as the upgrade to Qt4.6.3 and support for dynamic linking on platforms using ARM EABI.

Please find more in-depth information in the detailed release notes of version 10.08....