Genode Porting Guide: Overview

This document describes the basic workflows for porting applications, libraries, and device drivers to the Genode framework. It consists of the following sections:

Porting third-party code to Genode

Overview of the general steps needed to use 3rd-party code on Genode.

Porting a program to natively run on Genode

Step-by-step description of applying the steps described in the first section to port an application, using DosBox as an example.

Native Genode port of a library

Many 3rd-party applications have library dependencies. This section shows how to port a library using SDL_net (needed by DosBox) as an example.

Porting an application to Genode's Noux runtime

On Genode, there exists an environment specially tailored to execute command-line based Unix software, the so-called Noux runtime. This section demonstrates how to port and execute the tar program within Noux.

Porting devices drivers

This chapter describes the concepts of how to port a device driver to the Genode framework. It requires the basic knowledge introduced in the previous chapters and should be read last.

Before reading this guide, it is strongly advised to read the "The Genode Build System" documentation: