Commercial support for Genode

Genode was originally envisioned and implemented by two former researchers of the TU Dresden OS group. In May 2008, the original authors left the university to form their own company called Genode Labs. Genode Labs is dedicated to advance the Genode OS framework and to bring forward the application of this OS technology to real-world problems. Visit the Genode Labs website...

Through their offered commercial service, Genode Labs is committed to make the deployment of the Genode OS architecture a success. By working together with Genode Labs on a commercial basis, customers can shape the road map of the Genode OS framework according to their goals. Furthermore, Genode Labs is able to align the licensing conditions for the Genode technology with the needs of customers.


Genode Labs offers the following services in the context of Genode.


Genode Labs accompanies customers who consider deploying the Genode OS framework in their products. This includes consulting about the selection of an appropriate kernel, system design, the planning of implementation work, and troubleshooting.

Support for different kernels

Different application domains pose different requirements to the underlying kernel such as real-time properties, complexity, memory footprint, and security. Genode is designed for cross-kernel portability. Hence, Genode Labs offers the port of the framework to kernels that match customer needs.

Support for different hardware platforms

Genode Labs offers the creation of board-support packages for custom hardware platforms.

Custom device drivers

The feasibility of deploying an OS solution often depends on device-driver availability. The developers at Genode Labs have a long-time track record in porting device drivers between operating systems and creating custom device drivers.

Application and protocol-stack development

Genode Labs offers development and porting work of application software, libraries, and protocol stacks.

Commercial licensing

The public distribution of the Genode OS framework is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPLv3). About the open-source license of the Genode OS framework...

For customers who require more permissive rights than granted by the AGPLv3, Genode Labs as the copyright holder of Genode offers customized licensing conditions. If you consider the Genode OS framework for the use in your product, please contact Genode Labs.

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