Commercial licensing and support by Genode Labs

Genode's open-source license reinforces the freedom of software to empower end users to be in full control over their used software stack. The license is deliberately compatible with other open-source software but incompatible with proprietary software.

For the use of Genode in commercial products, which combine Genode with proprietary elements, Genode Labs offers commercial licensing. This license covers:

  • The use of proprietary software within a Genode system,

  • Proprietary modifications of Genode, and

  • The use of Genode on proprietary platforms.

For details, conditions, and costs regarding the commercial use of Genode, please contact Genode Labs by writing to:

Contracting and support

The driving force behind the Genode OS Framework is the company Genode Labs, founded in 2008 with the technological vision of Genode.

By working together with Genode Labs on a commercial basis, customers can enjoy the close collaboration with Genode's core developers in the following ways:


Genode Labs accompanies customers during the integration of Genode in their products. This includes aid at the kernel level and software-hardware interface, the design of the product's component architecture, and the planning of implementation work.

Contracted development work

Customers can leverage the experience and know-how of Genode's developers via software-development contracts. The areas of expertise include kernel-level work with a variety of kernels, the development of device drivers and board support, the porting of complex software stacks, and the implementation of protocol stacks and applications.

The results are usually delivered and documented via the integration of the developed software into the official Genode OS Framework. This way, the results receive ongoing maintenance and testing beyond the time scope of the contract.

Training and Support

For customers new to Genode, Genode Labs offers training in the form of workshops. During the product development cycle, a support contract with Genode Labs fosters an ongoing supportive role of the Genode developers for troubleshooting and technical discussions.